Monday, November 28, 2005


W4D's cousins have recently started an email list to catch up with each other's lives. They are scattered all over the country and it's been great hearing from so many relatives that we never get to see. They all seem to be leading such rewarding and interesting lives. I always think of the cousins as young and was quite shocked to learn that they are all older now. Not sure how this can happen when I didn't get any older at all.

For the benefit of our cousins are reading this blog, Welcome! Here's why I call Frank, "W4D" and "The Lubricator."

Same Old, Same Old

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil

Does anyone remember a few years back, we talked about all taking a trip to Italy together? We briefly bantered about the idea that in five year's time, we would all charter a plane, rent a tour bus and do a big Italian Tour together. Remember? At the time, I thought the tour bus sounded pretty senile, the way old people travel. I was thinking, okay, we can do a charter flight together but "they" can do the tour bus thing. I am going to rent a sports car and zip around the countryside. I can meet up with them at night, whatever.

Oddly, that plane charter and tour bus Italian vacation sounds right up my alley now. I don't need to drive and I think I would like being chauffeured. Promise me golden days in Tuscany, a room with a view on the Italian Riviera, a translator in Rome, a gondola in Venice and a trip over the Dolomites and I am all yours. I'll drag W4D along, kicking and screaming. ::chortle::

Here's a photo of your parents. Does everyone have a copy of this one? I didn't pull it out of the frame to see if it is dated but I can guess within a year or two. If anyone knows the exact date this was taken, please email me via the Cousin's List, or leave a comment on this blog.

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Hugs from your young, Country Mouse Cousin,
Flaurella ~

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