Friday, November 25, 2005

Sold Out

I saw a college-age woman getting out of her car in the parking lot at our fave liquor store with a long striped, knitted muffler wrapped around her neck. It was a sunny 72 degrees outside and perfectly balmy. I couldn't understand why anyone would wrap up their neck on such a perfect afternoon. Maybe she had a lot of hickies or something.

We were there to buy our traditional November bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau. The liquor store was completely sold out. While we always complain about the Nouveau and sneer at the immaturity of the wine, it is a tradition, an autumn ritual, plus we like the colorful labels. It was rather disappointing to realize that we couldn't snip and snipe about the fruity stuff this year. Searching for a substitution, I wandered through the wines and found something called Bosca Verdi Italian Sparkletini. There were a couple of flavors, it effervesced. It was Italian spumonti so how bad could it be?

We opened an ice cold bottle of the Raspberry Sparkletini yesterday morning while we were preparing the Thanksgiving Day feast. It was bubbly and sweet and light, perfect for when you want to hit up the alcohol before noon. I don't care if all the Beaujolais Nouveau in Gainesville, Florida, is sold out. I shall instead drink Italian sparkling wines this autumn. To hell with the French Kool-Aid.



CharlieBrown8989 said...

Very nice blog.

I enjoy it...

Flaurella said...

Thanks for dropping by.
I enjoy your photos on FLICKR!

km said...

Funny...I was searching for a pic of this drink, the Raspberry stuff, so I could show a friend and your blog popped up. I just tried it over the weekend and fell in love. I'm such a cheap drink. Anyway, thought I'd say hello.

Flaurella said...

Dear KM,
Gotta love that raspberry Sparkletini by Verde. I like it best with a little splash of citron flavored vodka but this weekend, I plan to try it with the new Stoli Bluberry vodka. Just add a little splash of your favorite flavored vodka, not too much - and it adds the perfect kick!

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