Friday, November 11, 2005


A thank you to all who have served or are serving our country this Veteran's Day. I am honored to benefit from all you do to protect the USA and further the cause of freedom around the world. You vets rock!

Heard on the 6:00 Local news and I am not making this up:

"Going to be REALLY chilly for the game on Saturday!
Temp at kickoff on Saturday at 12:30 will be 66 degrees.
Temp at halftime, 72 degrees. Dress accordingly."

I take it this means that students should wear Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts instead of a coat of orange or blue body paint and jogging shorts to the game when we beat the Cocks on Saturday. Wait a minute you foolish weatherman! The game is in South Carolina, not in Gainesville. You didn't even give the temperatures for South Carolina this weekend. No matter. The bars will be packed and the local TailGator parties will be perfect at 72 degrees.

I am still looking for my muse. Hope she shows up by Monday.
Have a good weekend. I'm off to Bonefish for Bang Bang Shrimp.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Flaurella but .... Go COCKS!

annie p

ChrisMoose said...

Cocks? Cocks are playing and I am missing it????

I've been dating the same guy too long. I miss out on all the fun stuff.

Cocks and Gators. That doesn't sound like a good pairing.... heh heh heh...


Herbert said...

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