Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Congrats, Mr. Councilman

W4D and our friend Joseph won the two seats in our town election yesterday. As I predicted, it was a close election. There was only one vote separating first and second place. I used a privacy folder for my ballot. That tickled the poll workers who have known us for years but I didn't want anyone including W4D to be able to see my ballot. My vote is a private matter.

I Voted

Town Councilman is a volunteer position. At a nice little post-election reception last night, I overheard W4D ask, "How much money do US Senators make?"

He'd better not get a big head and go all political on me. Besides, he doesn't even know who I voted for and I am not telling.



Sanne said...

Congratulations! :)
I'm sure it was your vote that was the winning vote - go tell him he owes you! Use the opportunity to exploit him sexually! Ha! :)

lots of e-hugs

ChrisMoose said...

Hmmm.. somehow I just don't picture you as a political wife....this ought to be interesting...!


jackie said...

i KNEW he was going to win! i would say congratualtions, but i think having a man in politics is a bit of a mixed blessing. get ready flaurella--next stop: governor's mansion...

Edwin said...

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