Thursday, April 14, 2005

Same Old, Same Old

I've been thinking about this food rut in which I am wallowing of late. I have come up with a possible explanation. DH, affectionately known as W4D, usually calls or emails about mid-day and asks me that all important question, "What's For Dinner?" It occurs to me that unless I have an answer at the ready, he rolls into Publix on his way home and buys, yes, you guessed it, steak, chicken or seafood. Doh!

Below is a picture of what W4D came toting home yesterday after work. This is a common occurrence in my house for I am married to grocery shopaholic. Personally, I hate grocery shopping but W4D is addicted to it. I can't keep him out of the markets. Little did I realize until now that he is controlling my menus with his insatiable lust for food shopping.

There was a secret message in his purchases yesterday. He's been a little grumpy, nay, almost snarly this week, and whether the result of tax season, spring fever, pending birthday, who knows why, he's definitely irritable. This is easily noted since W4D is usually one of the most good-natured people in the whole world. Anyway, he knows I don't eat NY strip steaks so that's what he bought. I glared at him and he smiled back like a demon-head. I got even though, I put hot sauce in the butter for his corn on the cob. Damned fool, he liked it.

You will note that he selected two yellow veggies. Natch, I only serve one yellow veggie at a time although I could probably really turn some stomachs if I put all yellow food on a yellow plate. Anyway, the first fresh corn of the season was a treat. It was sweet and very tasty. Grown down in Ft. Myers and trucked up here to us in North Florida. Fresh, sweet corn in April. Yum! The wine was good, too.

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foofoolamarr said...

Happy Birthday, Frank! You demon!(or is that "you da man!"?)

Great pic!

Now, let's get serious. WTF are you up to with that wine bottle?

(just pullin' yer chain)

Have a happy!