Saturday, April 09, 2005

Neigh, A Wedding

Yes, I watched it. Couldn't resist.
Charles and Camilla look truly happy and I'm glad they followed their hearts. I am also glad they can't produce children.

I remain fascinated by British millinery. There were some of the weirdest hats I could imagine at that wedding. The Brits really like those odd concoctions of little tumbleweeds of feathers and beribboned pancakes and wheat fields sprouting on their heads.

I was saddened to learn that the Danish royal couple Prince Joachim and his wife, Princess Alexandra have finalized their divorce. They made a beautiful couple as does Joachim's brother and heir to the Danish throne, Crown Prince Frederik and his Crown Princess Mary.
HRH Mary is a delightful and spirited commoner from Australia. I much prefer watching Danish royalty to British. I think the British have married their own cousins for too many centuries.

Beautiful Royals
The Danish Monarchy
The Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark
Exquisite Royal Jewels
Jewels You Can Afford

And no, I am not doing much cooking this week. After taxes, we'll talk.


Sanne said...

Greetings from Denmark,
Thank you for the nice words about Denmark and the Danish Royals. :)
We Danes think they are quite stylish and elegant too.
I didn't know the Royal jewellery site, I have a book about European jewellery, the Danish Royal jewellery is world famous. I will look closer at this link later.
I you are SO right - I'm also happy C&C aren't able to have children. ;)
Have a great day, my dearest penpal, I will try to relax this evening. In Denmark taxes (more than fifty percent) is deducted from our wage every month - ough! :(


Flaurella said...

50% TAXES? Ouch! No wonder they have such fabulous jewels!!

Justin said...

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