Thursday, April 07, 2005

Taxes Give Me Hives

As usual. we have waited as long as possible to work on our 2004 taxes. DH is working on Turbo-Tax and I am searching for and recording all the expenses and deductions I neglected to tally last year. I am real good about keeping receipts and records but not very good at posting them in the ledgers. We are busy bees and we haven't yet resorted to name-calling, cursing or fisticuffs. Good on us.

Speaking of bees, did you know that each hive of bees must visit about 2 million flowers and travel over 55,000 miles to produce a single pound of honey? The average worker bee only makes about 1/12th of a TEASPOON of honey in his lifetime. And you thought that you were worked to death.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard my father declare honey was "the perfect food," I'd be a rich old lady. Hmmm, after consideration and some quick math since there are calculators all about me, I would have a couple of extra grand and still not be an old lady since I will never think of myself as an old lady but as usual, I digress. DH works for the State so he's a worker bee. I am self employed so that makes me the Queen Bee, and I have a tiara to prove it. Feel free to bring me honey or buy yerself a tiara.


TheDukeof URL said...

Yer linx don't work. Thank Micro$oft.

mineral eyes said...

Okay, here I am. Yesterday I took too much mesclun and fell off the turnip truck. But today's a new day.

I don't know why but people read a lot of blogs then sit there "speechless".

I want you to know I'm a faithful reader and have fwd'd to friends. As busy as you are, I try to imagine how you create those sumptuous dinners and photo them too. Very impressive. But I know that this is the real thing because we've chatted about good food as long as I've known you!

I like this:
"hugs and hulas",