Saturday, April 02, 2005

You Wanted to Know

Today, I'll answer a couple of the email queries generated by my blog.

Q: "I faithfully read your blog every day. I have a lot of questions, however, about what are mesclun greens, etc. I am not a food-oriented person and sometimes do not understand."

A: Mesclun is a mix of tender, young, frou-frou yuppie greens that usually includes various tender red and green looseleaf and oakleaf lettuces, baby spinach, arugula, and smooth as well as curly endive. It can include any mix or blend of edible, young salad greens or flowers such as dandelions, chervil, chicory or raddichio. To be cool, be sure to pronounce "endive" as "Ahhhhnn-DEEEVE", and never as "ENNNNNN-Dive" or people will think you just fell off the turnip truck. To be lazy, just do as I do and buy it at the wholesale market, pre-washed and pre-packaged. In Italian, mesclun baby mixed greens are called, "misticanza." (That's "Miss-tee-CAHN-zah") It's easy to grow your own blend of mesclun greens
in the winter or early spring in Florida. You need cold nights and cool days. Harvest the tender greens daily and don't let them grow large.

Most importantly, Do not confuse Mesclun with Mesculin. Mesculin is what those rabble-rousing Hippies ingested to get high in the 60's and early 70's. As I have been told, Mesculin was a Native American, cactus hallucinogen of some sort... but of course, my memory of that time is very foggy and blurred.

Q: "What the heck is raspberry chipotle' sauce?"

A: Raspberry chipotle' sauce is a sauce I make from raspberries and chipotle sauce. Chipotle sauce is made of very hot, charred peppers. I would give you the recipe of sweetened and reduced raspberries and bottled chipotle sauce but it's a top secret recipe of mine. I use the bottled, el cheapo "Bufalo (not a typo - only one F in Bufalo) Chipotle Mexican Hot Sauce - Very Hot." The label proclaims it is a product of MEHHH- hee-cohh. I mix de berries with de chipotle sauce and stir it all up. Please do not share this complicated secret recipe with others. Ever.

I found a graphic of Hoopy in Gulden's Mustard bronze.
I'll never know why she was named that but
this is what our first SUV looked like:


Annie P. said...

Thank you for the Hoopy update, I found myself unable to sleep wondering what Hoopy really looked like. Sweet dreams tonight!

Flaurella said...

Oh my! Halo Hoopy, gone to rest about 40 years ago, does not wish you to stay awake worrying about her appearance. Just know that she was about the size of a Noo Yawk city apartment and even more grand with her varnished wood interior and exterior and shiny steel bumpers. Instead of worrying about Hoopy, do say hello to your mother if you still are able. I surely wish I could chat with mine and ask some silly questions about cars I love to remember.