Sunday, April 10, 2005

Freed from Tax Hell

Free at last! We've finished and e-filed our taxes and now I can relax. I am still thinking about the Nuptials yesterday, wondering how many birds are flying around nekked after the Brit milliners decked out all the ladies in feathers for the wedding. And, who sits and cuts those arrowheads and zigzags into all those feathers? It must be a whole new cottage industry.

What was that huge sparkling horse shoe thang hanging from the ribbon on the right wrist of Camilla? I surely hope that wasn't her wedding present from Charles.

Prince WM is gonna be bald by the time he's 25. What is that in his pocket? A can of snuff? A tennis ball? (photo by JD McHugh)

I am wondering why none of the ladies took off their coats inside? Why did Joan Rivers wear white (or was that cream)? I was taught it was a no-no to wear white or near-white if you were a wedding guest. However, Joan did take off her red coat when no one else removed their outerwear and she did know to carry her gloves in hand with the fingers toward her. My mother was always a stickler about that. I have just dated myself by admitting that I used to wear gloves. Well, we were right proper young ladies.

Mr Bean was a wedding guest. (tee-hee)

Sweet wedding bouquet. (photo by Toby Melville)

I thought it a nicely understated second wedding.
OMG, we are all older than dirt and our hands show it.
So do our faces. Bummer.

Okay, off to celebrate filed taxes. Shall we go out for Sunday dinner or should I make scampi?

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