Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Fish, Fontina, Argentina, Whatever

I've decided that our food life is boring. We most often eat a steak, chicken or seafood with a veggie and a salad. I used to cook all kinds of fare but lately, I am in a rut. Beef, seafood, chicken, beef, seafood, chicken. Oh, every week or 10 days, I will toss together some Mexican something-or-other like chimichangas, tacos or enchiladas. I'll also make genuine from scratch Italian food since DH is Italian, and I will roast a pork loin once in a while but I have decided our diet is definitely boring.

Sure, we eat "healthy." We don't eat many processed foods. We eat plenty of fruits and veggies and green things but we mostly eat the same things over and over since we have an empty nest. I guess when there are just two to cook for, I don't fuss as much as I did in the past

Well, boring as can be, here's the salmon from last night, served with a misticanza salad with black olives and Fontina cheese. Heck, I didn't even make a sauce for the fish, just marinated it in lemon for a couple of hours before tossing it on the grill.

DH whipped out a bottle of Santa Florentina Pinot Grigio from La Rioja, Argentina. Where does he find these wines? I am beginning to think he has a secret stash in a dark corner of the barn or something. It was indeed a smooth and flirty, I mean, fruity little wine that went very well with the fish and the Fontina. I like the crazy bird on the label. Ostrich? Gnu?

Argentinean wines are consistently good. I like Australian wines, too. I wonder if Austria produces wines? Maybe I will try tasting wines from all over the world. That could be fun:
Albania, Armenia, Argentina, Australia, Austria...
Nope. not going to drink wine from Afghanistan or Azerbaijan.

Hmmmm. A whole new realm of wines to taste. Just how many countries are there in the world that produce wine? On second thought, I think I will just browse for interesting labels from places I have never been - or places that I have. :::shrug::: Besides, I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight. Beef, seafood, chicken? whatever.


mineral eyes said...

I also love that "crazy bird": emu?

We go through phases we call "Food Crisis". This is when we realize that our meals are going round and round and no where, week after week, just as you wrote. Then we find a new taste, and it must be simple! to add to the "rotation." It reminds of the cafeteria in college. If it was Wednesday it was spaghetti, etc.

But I have to tell you that I don't see any real evidence of boring-ness in your kitchen (or yr blog). And if I could indulge in one of those peaceful toonie moments like you do, I can't imagine any Food Crisis days!

When I traveled to Southern France way way back in the day (1976), stayed with a family in a small town outside of Lyon, Bourgoin-Jallieu. Pre-dinner everyone, I mean EVERYONE, drank a near waterglass full of some kind of VERMOUTH. Then several wines with dinner and an actual bin/box at the end of the table that was full with baguettes. La Mere (mother?) sat in attendence and jumped up and down bringing the courses in. She only ate if food was left after everyone was served. This often meant that Papa got seconds if he wanted , while she had none!

I believe that the BEST meal of my life was dinner at a tiny restaurant in Lyon. You should have this experience, Flaurella! I can just see you and DH now, waterglasses in hand...dark and narrow cobblestone streets, the wide ancient bridge over the Rhone.

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