Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Farewell Peeps, Hasta la Vista Bebe's

I am going to take a few days away from all things electronic/mechanical - aye, even battery operated :::gasp::: (but maybe not AC-DC things), but definitely all cell phones and computers. Okay, I may peek at a portable DVD player or listen to a few very mellow CD's but I refuse to answer the cell or peck at a keyboard.

I shall not give a whit what time nor date it is and I promise I shall not Google anything at all for days and days. Argh! That's the hard part. I love to Google. But, I need a break and a break I shall have.

In the meantime you will need to occupy your time so let me share: I laughed so hard the other night at a 1941 W C Fields film that I am practically embarrassed to admit it. I never much cared for the man or his humor so either I have gotten waaaay old and senile or I was truly blotto or this movie is a hoot for this film was totally hysterical!

"Never Give A Sucker An Even Break"

Catch it if you can, rent it, buy it, download it, whatever. I kid you not, W4D and I were LOLing out loud and totally cracking up. OMG! Maybe we are just really OLD?!? Nahhh! We are still young at heart - this is just really funny stuff! Check out the link above and read the film notes. This movie is LOL funny.

Backatcha after I take my break from technology. Cya soon.

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