Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Aren't I in a good mood! Yee-Haw! My mammogram was quick and painless and all 10 films were clear and dandy. If men had designed those machines and had to place their delicate privates in there to be compressed into pancakes, they would make some medical progress on diagnostic machinery but I digress. I'm just glad all was well. A weight has been lifted!

Afterwards, had to go exchange some Dior Pure Poison that was shooting out like an untapped fire hydrant instead of in a nice fine mist so I did a little shopping at Macy's. Bleccch. I miss Burdines. Burdines supplied my earliest memory of a grand department store on Miami Beach as a kid. I just hate it that Macy's bought out Burdines. Anyway, I exchanged my defective Dior Poison and then went over to Steinmart, which I always enjoy. Never spent a cent! Am I good or what!? I didn't buy ANYTHING and it was only 3:00. Hmmm... Time for Happy Hour at On the Border. Four margaritas plus nachos and an order of their extremely Suuuhh-MOKIN' hot chicken jalapeno poppers later, I am feeling no pain. In fact, I think I need a nap. DH is gathering up supplies for our buying trip. I should help. He says, to shake us up a couple of toonies but I am not sah sire I need tee many moon toonies on top of all those maggritas. Hmmm... what to do, what to do.... Maybe I can talk him into taking me to shoot pool down by the lake at the local jook or on second thought, perhaps, I'll just go take a nap out by the pool. I sure am relieved that I had a good doc's visit today. :::hic::: :::snoooze:::

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