Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Truth In Advertising

It's that time of year when many catalogues arrive in the mail. I like catalogue shopping but I usually look to see if there is also a web site. I find most catalogues that have a web site have unadvertised specials online. Anyway, a nice "Eco-friendly" catalog from a new source arrived and I started reading about the sweaters on the first page which were advertised as being available in "new low eco-impact colors." Guess what colors are low eco-impact? Natural, navy and cranberry.

Pretty interesting marketing and even though I am not sure why a sweater needs to be a low eco-impact color, I was intrigued and kept reading. Here's what I found in the postal version of the Gaiam Catalog:

"Planet friendly" turtlenecks. (still not sure why)
"Sustainably crafted, meditation inspired furnishings" crafted in Indonesia
"Pashmina wool cocoons" from hand-clipped goats.
"Clocks and calculators powered by water" Wouldn't solar be more eco-friendly?
"Decorative lamps (that) provide sunshine-like lighting" (no special bulbs required)
"Ottomans made of renewable plant fiber" Renewable plant fiber turned out to be grass grown in China.
"Eco-friendly beanbag" made of shredded foam - read further to learn it is recycled shredded foam from Taiwan
"Eco-chic Rattan" Who knew we Floridians have been eco-chic for years?
"Ingenious blow tube (that) makes fanning fires a thing of the past" [snort] These surely must be city folks!

I am all for eco-friendly products like organic foods, non-animal tested beauty products, safe cleaning products, natural remedies, etc. but some of these companies are really creative with their eco-friendly descriptions.

I was going to order from the catalogue, a pair of "leather-like shoes approved by the Vegan Society" but the "leather-like composition material" looked suspiciously like plastic.

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Sanne said...

I like reading catalogue texts like these - thinks it's funny. Great entertainment. :)

... everythings works fine at home now, sigh of relief! :)