Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Autumn Afternoon in Abbie Land

I was just out walking around the backyard, camera in hand. It's 76 degrees on my outdoor thermometer and so green, it looks like May instead of November. After a long summer, at last a month with no air conditioning and only a handful of nights where we needed a little heat. It's perfectly lovely to be able to wear flip flops and shorts and not need air conditioning.

I took a few digital pictures while I was poking around the yard and posted them on Flickr so click here and you can view a quick slide show of my pictures taken at 3:00 this afternoon.

cherub 03

Not only has my muse flown off but my funny bone took a hike, too. I read in Newsweek that Aging Baby Boomers are now being referred to as "Abbies." I don't want to be no frickin' Abbie.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what an Abbie is, but it sounds like it sucks!

Beautiful pictures, especially the angel.

Chickie-doo in Arkansas

Anonymous said...

So, Abbie, after checking out your yard pics, my question is where's the photo and recipe for sauteed mushrooms and fern heads?

Jim in Brooklyn

Flaurella said...

Dear Arkie Chickie-Doo,
A-B-B-ie is an Ageing Baby Boomer and it does quite suck but it is better than the alternative.

Flaurella said...

Dear Jim in Brooklyn,

I just love braised fiddleheads but you must gather them in spring when they are tender and delicate. And unfortunately, one just can't safely eat toadstools or fungi. Actually, these sprang up after we watered the lawn and they are about 8 inches high, after a mere 24 hours of growth. Now, we might be able to dry them and then smoke them but I sure as heck wouldn't eat them now that I am an ABBIE.

Growing old and cautious just totally SUX!

Sanne said...

Such beautiful pics! Please send me the pink flower and mushroom/fungi pics as I would love to use them as wallpaper at my home computer. :)

I woke up in the middle of the night by the noise of a great hail-shower! I have never heard anything like it! And this morning everything was white! :) Very funny, especially considering the warm temperatures the last few weeks. And I have never seen so large hails before in Denmark, they were the size of an old-fashioned marble. Beat that! ;)

lots of Danish e-hugs
... who have been ill for four days, deep sigh!

jackie said...

your yard looks beautiful--peaceful and serene. what is it about this time of year that makes everything seen so still and pensive? my sense of humor is also gone for the moment... maybe the muse flies away with the summer or something. i don't know about you, flaurella, but all i want to do is nest and assess.

Flaurella said...

Hope you feeel better now, Sanne. Many of my friends have been ill the last two weeks. I think it is the time of year for the new seasonal germs to invade. Take good care. (((you)))

Flaurella said...

Jackie, I just want to curl up and snuggle in and sleep, sleep, sleep. It is odd how fall brings out the nesting instinct. Yes, perhaps inspiration goes south when the sun does. We only have a few days for soon, all the hustle and bustle of the holidays will be upon us. Maybe this pensive period is meant to prepare us for the hectic days ahead...?