Friday, November 18, 2005

The Rest of the Story

W4D says I should have continued on and told the whole story about the porch oranges and that I totally missed the point. I told him I preferred it my way and he should start his own steenkin' blog.

Anyway, the porch oranges grew by the porch because Theola's house sits in an old orange grove and her father and uncles used to sit on the porch and spit out the seeds of the oranges they ate past the edge of the porch. Hence, porch oranges sprang forth and now produce their own fruit.

I prefer to be succinct. Get your own blog, Mr. Man.
Then you can write your own stories any way you wish.

Let's see you use "hence" in a sentence.

No, "The hence man wears a mask and carries an axe," doesn't work for me.

Furthermore, kindly stop buying bananas...


...or at least, start eating them before they get too ripe and I have to feed them to the staghorn fern. We've had this staghorn fern for 22 years and I've never fertilized it. Grew it from a pup, a single frond, and it is now over 5 feet tall. I give it a banana every couple of months. It digs the potassium.


I am going to enjoy this perfect fall weather and the cool temps we are having this weekend. It's supposed to frost or freeze here early next week. Oddly, we have another hurricane trying to form down in the Caribbean. Check out the current radar loop. If we have a hurricane for Thanksgiving, I am moving to South Dakota. Don't ask me why. I've never been there but they don't get hurricanes in November, just snow.


Anonymous said...

"hence man!" "stop buying bananas!" BWAHAHAHAHA!

annie p.

Sanne said...

We have had frost for a week now in Denmark. Every morning when I wake up I look at a white lawn. This weekend DH puts on lights on the flag pole, trees and bushes - we switch them on on my birthday which is next Saturday. This is a tradition I started because we cannot raise a flag due to the fact that it always is dark on my birthday, but I love the Christmas lights so I look so much forward to switching them on next Saturday. :)

lots of e-hugs