Monday, November 07, 2005

Answer B

I usually do not use the F word in this blog. However, sometimes adults use the F word in real conversations and this was one of those times. I considered altering the spoken words but I prefer to tell it like it is and I don't think W4D can get dooced for something I write in my blog. If anyone tried to blame him for anything I write, it would be worth the fight. Still, if you do not want to see the F word, do not read this entry.

Last night during dinner, W4D and I were discussing when The Soprano's would be shown again on HBO. We really miss that program and HBO tortures us and millions of other fans by taking such a long hiatus after each set of shows.

"I remember a year and a half ago when HBO said The Soprano's would be back in November. Will you please go check the paper and see if maybe it starts tonight," I asked.

"I already checked and it's not on tonight. I even went by the web site late last week and they hinted that Carmela and Tony would get back together," said W4D.

"They already got back together. Remember the poke in the pool? Remember him letting her go ahead with the spec house after that?"

"The pool doesn't count. That was just a sympathy fuck."

"That wasn't a sympathy fuck. They made up or more likely, Carm is leading him on so she can really put the screws to him later."

"I know a sympathy fuck when I see one."

"Oh, you do, dooya?"

"Haven't you ever given me a sympathy fuck?"

"Do you want answer A or answer B?" I asked.

"You are telling me you never gave me a sympathy fuck?"

"Every time, dear, every single time."

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Sanne said...

I really loved this entry!!! :)

My network broke down last night, my digital camera too (keeps blinking) - what's next. I cannot live without the internet and I've just won an original Opel GT gas cap which I have to pay for within 48 hours. Have to visit my SIL and borrow her pc, deep sigh! DH says he hasn't messed with the pc, but we have invited our good friend, Jesper, to dinner and network problems tonight. This damn firewall at work does not allow much of the fun pages - like paying with PayPal. But fortunately, I can use my webmail.

lots of e-hugs