Monday, November 14, 2005

Friday Night Progressive Dinner

5:00 PM: Bang Bang and Amberbock at Bonefish

7:30 PM: Sushi and a Vodka Martini at home

sushi plate close

9:30 PM: Half a Hoagie and a glass of Paisano wine.

11:00 PM: Vanilla Ice Cream and Baileys Irish Cream.

And I wonder why I have to take Prevacid.

sushi plate

And no, I do not want to talk about Steve Spurrier beating my Gators.

Let's just think happy thoughts instead.


Sanne said...

Do you make the sushi by yourself??? I just love sushi! Son does too, so we eat take-away sushi as often as possible, but I have never tried making it myself. It looks SO great, made my mouth watering.


Flaurella said...

No, I didn't make the sushi. We pick it up fresh at the sushi counter in the local grocery store. They make all kinds and we love it for a quick little snack or a light meal. I like to watch the Japanese chefs in thir tall hats make it. I wish they would give lessons for I would like to learn.