Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil

I haven't had time to think today. Usually, something will pop into my head about what to write here in the blog. Not today. I have achieved that pure and often sought, blank mind of bliss.


The other day, I heard DH (AKA "W4D" - What's For Dinner)
W4D avatar
refer to himself as WD 40, like the famous oil in the little blue spray can. Ever since, I have taken to thinking of him as "The Lubricator." Actually, that's not so far from the truth, but that's not my point.

About 10 years ago, DH - W4D - The Lubricator, gave my closest girlfriends Festival Gifts. We have a big 1890's Festival in our town every October. There is much preparation, partying, eating, decorating, gift shopping and gift giving on Festival weekend and DH was sweet and thoughtful to give us gals "pre-Festival" gifts on a Friday night at the kick-off party for Festival Weekend. Heck, he shopped in advance and put them together himself. These were really cute fall baskets. We were impressed!

Each of my best girl friends received these cute little corn cob baskets DH had assembled with uncut husks, filled with a pumpkin upon which sat a scarecrow. (Corn is a personal party theme for many years among our clique). Attached to each basket was a computer printed tag that read: "Happy Festival, Love FARNK."

Spelling is not DH's forte, nor is typing.

FARNK typed his name once and copied and pasted it to full a page and then printed, cut and stapled. The man does not proof and at that time, did not automatically spell-check. So, for the last 10 years, we gals all refer to W4D, The Lubricator, as "FARNK."

"What's For Dinner, Farnk" now refers to himself as WD 40.
WD 40

No wonder I get confused.

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Sanne said...

Are you confused?
You won't be after the next episode of Flaurella's blog! :)
I like DH best - that's what he is, isn't it!?!