Monday, June 20, 2005

Exciting News!

Father's Day was a nice day at our house. Two thirds of the brood was here and we received exciting news!

W4D (aka Dadder) was gifted with his favorite things, we had a fun time in/by the pool and grill and it didn't even rain. Dinner was excellent and I was pleased to see everyone had huge appetites.

Kaitlin baked a cake. This is a good thing for The Twerp likes to bake and I abhor baking for the most part. It just isn't fun to have to measure ingredients. Baking stifles my creativity. I don't like anyone telling me how to cook or how much baking powder to use. Baking is too methodical for my creative spirit. Decorating baked goods or finding new ways to present baked goods is fun but all that measuring, stirring and waiting is not my forte. Thank goodness, Kaitlin takes after her grandmothers.

I loved the combination of yellow cake, chocolate icing and fresh blueberries. Yummy!
Fathers Day Dad's Cake
Very creative, Kaitlin. Thank you!

Speaking of grandmothers, I am going to be a Gram! Michael, one of our two, previously confirmed middle-aged, bachelor sons, and his lovely fiancee' Leslie, are getting married on September 24th. She has an adorable toddler, two and a half year old Andrew, so I get a ready-made grandson! He's smart as a whip, very well-behaved and a delight. Plus, since both Mike and Leslie are 35, they are eager to add a new baby to their new family so this time next year, I will likely have two grandbabies. How exciting is that? Wow!
Delete this one

DH is in Orlando again this week. I forgot to ask if he is giving or receiving meetings this trip. I have promised myself to be good, walk a lot on the treadmill, work hard and get lots of updates done in his absence. It's balmy and breezy here and not at all hot this afternoon I think I might be able to bear summer after all if it never got above 82 degrees and the cool breeze like today always blew out of the north.

In addition to working long and hard ::sigh:: this week, I will also be watching the College World Series Baseball finals. GATORS everywhere and especially in here Gainesville are so excited about the possibilites. It's our very own Field of Dreams in Omaha.

CWS Baseball
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Anonymous said...

Time to start thinking about a creative way to call you Grandmother, because Grandmother totally TOTALLY does NOT suit you! Maybe ..... something along the lines of .... Honey D!

Or, hmmmm, my sister calls my father Grampy but her son calls him Gimpy, and that just seems so much cooler somehow. Yep, cool is what you need...

annie p

Sanne said...

Congratulations GRANNY! ;)
I already long for grand children, but son has told me he never will have children (he is almost 12), I have told him he has no choice - I simply WANT grand children so he has to! ;)
On Father's Day my DH came home and asked how we celebrated the day? The same way as we celebrated Mother's Day, dear! That is - we did absolutely nothing. In my opinion it is Father's Day every day! :)
lots of Danish e-hugs