Monday, June 13, 2005

Welcome Back, Kotter

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This is the first brand new car I ever bought. I think I bought my red MGB II in the fall of 1971. I must be getting senile for I can't remember the exact date I bought it but I can remember what I paid for it - $3500 cash, including fees, tags and taxes, right off the showroom floor. I kept it for just over one year and then I bought my 914 Porsche. The Porsche dealer would only give me $1800 trade-in allowance on a new car that was just one year old and in perfect condition and I was ticked. I worked on them for several days but I was hot for that car and they wouldn't budge. Finally, I told them if they didn't sell the car to DH (who was then DBF since we were not yet married), that I would not buy the Porsche. So, DH got my MGB for exactly what they gave me for the trade. They didn't even wash it, just transfered the title over to him when I went to pick up my 914. This pic was taken in March of 1973. Click it to see it in all its full sized glory.

Doesn't DH look like he should have been a teacher in that Brooklyn classroom next door to Mr. Kotter? DH would have taught shop or drafting and had Vinnie Barbarino in his class. Speaking of Vinnie Barbarino, John Travolta lives not very far from us. Anyway, check out those snazzy polyester, flared pants and that wide, poly tie. And what's that in yer pocket, dear? Were you packin' or were you just glad to see me? :::bat:::bat:::bat:::

I have always loved to haggle with car salesmen. When we bought DH's little commuter RAV last year, the salesman called daily and begged DH to come in and close the deal by himself. Ha! Fat chance! I beat that poor sales kid down and down and down over 3 1/2 weeks and refused to sign the papers until the last day of the month. They were so glad not to have to deal with me any more that they kept giving me discounts. I got over 20% off the sticker price and they were glad to give it to me just to get me out of there, once and for all. Later this week, I'll tell you how the MGB brought on a case of copycat car buying for DH.

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We wait with baited breath ....
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