Thursday, June 09, 2005


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Quickie entry today as I am going off to be pampered, painted and buffed. My own chassis needs a little work.

Here's a pic of my Porsche 914 with the engine behind the seat. Bought it brand new in 1970 or 1971. Gosh, I can't remember, will have to ask DH. We weren't married yet but he was already copying my taste in cars and I will discuss that later. Anyway, the pic was taken at the Sebring race track, the day before the race started. I think that was the year I sneaked onto the track when the race was over and ran around it once before they caught me and threatened to arrest me. Back then, I could talk my way out of just about anything.

This was back in the good old days when Sebring was the hot racing venue of the year in Florida for formula cars, Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, all the hot European cars plus the the "made in America" Corvettes. The International Grand Prix drivers came to East Podunk to drive in the 12 hour Sebring Endurance race. It was a always great fun to watch the running start of the drivers who raced on foot to get into and start their cars. We used to take a tent and camp in the infield. The sound and the dirt the excitement of it all was exhilarating! It was so cool to meet Mario Andretti and to hang out in the Porsche Coral, Corvette Coral or best yet, to have Pit Passes. Oh, to be young again...


Sanne said...

I'm SO happiiiiiiii!!! :) I have to tell somebody and you love cars too: At Sunday I will go test drive an Opel GT from 69. I found it in the newspaper at "only" 10,000 dollars, but dad thinks he can barter the price. I do hope so. My dear dad will borrow me the money, I only have saved 1,500 dollars. I can hardly wait until Sunday! :) TTYS - perhaps I soon will be the lucky owner of a GT. I have wanted this car most of my life! Have a great weekend, my best penpal! :) Danish e-hugs

Malachi said...

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