Friday, June 03, 2005

Safe Sex, Tacky Times

What's all the fuss about condom ads on network TV? The Trojan ad I saw was responsible and nicely done. Perhaps, ads like that one will further the cause of safe and protected sex. I find the condom ad I saw much less offensive that the zillion ads we already see about erectile dysfunction drugs. That man who grows the Viagra horns out of his head when he takes his lady shopping for lingerie is so totally tacky. Extremely cheesy is the new commercial for KY Jelly Ultra Warming Gel. Sheesh! Put it in a magazine ad and not on TV, willya?

We've been seeing TV ads for birth control pills and female contraception for years. I just don't see what the problem is with advertising condoms, especially as a way to prevent HIV.

Sometimes, I wonder how this world we live in got so coarse and base. My generation of Baby Boomers was going to change everything and live in this utopian world where we ended war and all peoples were equal and free. What the hell happened?

On a much nicer note, the magnolias are blooming beautifully this year. The earliest trees started blooming in February and by the end of June, most of the huge flowers will be gone. I love the big leathery blossoms of the magnolia. They only last a short while before they turn brown but they are spectacular. This time of year it is so nice to look out the windows and see these beautiful plate-sized flowers. After the flowers drop, the center goes on to become a large seed pod with bright red seeds that drop off in the fall.

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Enjoy your weekend.


Sanne said...

I think it is funny you have ads for such things. In Denmark we don't, in fact it is not legal to advertise for drugs and even condom ads are very rare. They just hang at the till so you can snatch it without anyone noticing. Nice and easy. ;) Btw.: Today, I have to go to the gynaecologist to have my helix changed - do I look forward!?! Naah, not really!
Have a great day, my best penpal. Enjoy life, your dog and the silence.
lots of Danish e-hugs

lobo said...

I agree about Trojan Man commercials, not that bad. Not like all the political stuff we endured the past few years, the Michael Jackson trial (get a life, y'all), and soap operas.

Flaurella said...

I'm with you, Lobo. I'd much rather watch condom commercials than political ads.