Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Been meaning to get back to the car saga. When I last wrote about W4D's total lack of originality in personal transportation, he had practically one-upped me with his 912 Porsche. You will recall that I promptly went to the Mercedes dealership and came home with my 450SL. That was a great car!

Some months later, W4D got transferred to Miami and I had businesses in Tampa and Largo so he moved and I stayed. That didn't last for long. I got tired of flying down there for weekends and W4D was putting too many miles on the 912 driving upstate when I couldn't get downstate. I was also worried that he might not be eating solely at my table, if you get my drift, so I caved and decided marriage might not be so terrifying as I had anticipated after successfully avoiding any permanent commitment for the previous years. We got married in the fall of 1974 but not before the copycat struck again and sold the Porsche.

You know where this is going, don't you?

We moved to Miami Lakes directly after the honeymoon and here is what was parked in front of our first abode... Yep. That's DH's Benz on the left.

copycat cars
Gall-danged copycat.

So that's our pre-marriage car history. I'll promise not to bore you with the next 31 years. Remember, the 1976 Corvette is still with us. Why do I have such a hard time thinking about parting with that car? Because I wish I still owned every single car from my past.


Sanne said...

Why don't you just send that Corvette to me!?! You know I'll give it a good home! :) I wonder how much it would cost to ship it to Denmark, not to speak of those horrible Danish taxes and customs, ough! :(
I have been looking at several other GTs, but none good enough - but I'll keep looking.

Danish e-hugs

Flaurella said...

We have a saying here, "Never sell a car to a friend if you want to keep the friend." :)) Don't worry, you will find your perfect GT. BTW, do you see any Corvettes at all in Denmark?

Sanne said...

We have Corvettes in Denmark, not many though, and they are VERY expensive. We have the same saying here in Denmark. We have always sold our cars to far away living strangers. Especially because DH (yes, the D is back!) is a mechanics, so everybody thinks he repairs them for free after having bought them. It was just a joke, it will be very expensive getting it to Denmark anyway - but I must admit I envy you your Corvette. :)

lots of Danish e-hugs

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