Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Day Two alone this week and I am already bored. It doesn't seem fair that DH has spent almost half of the work month in Mouse Town, the premier entertainment city in the SE USA. I'm feeling left behind and deprived. I looked in one of my display cabinets and considered putting on a glittering tiara to lift my spirits. I wonder if a vintage tiara looks silly with shorts and an Old Navy tee? Maybe not, if I don't wear it out!

I've cooked some fresh asparagus with garlic and herb butter, made fresh fruit salad and picked up a Boston Market meatloaf dinner for supper. Good meatloaf is the ultimate comfort food but there is no point in making it for just one. I've just poured myself a triple Sapphire martini to go with the pouring rain outside. I am still bored.

Speaking of Sapphire, check out the cool free screensavers here:
I love the one with the orange fish and the itty bitty cranberry schools but of course, I am totally nuts for anything with an aquarium theme.

I worked hard all day on a vintage plastic update that should be completed tomorrow. I did my packaging and went to the post office. I took The Bubba on a drive down to the south side of the lake and we spent 45 minutes total in the car. Poor little fella isn't feeling well today and I couldn't bear to leave him alone. He's looking more chipper after his car ride. Has anyone ever known a dog that didn't love to go in the car?

I'm watching the College World Series and it doesn't look like my friend's Huskers are going to make it past the elimination round. Too bad for I wanted my GATORS to beat them again. ::evil grin::: Sorry, Jim. :::ducking::: Two wins at the CWS still wouldn't make up for the Fiesta Bowl anyway. Wait! Base hit! It could happen! Now, A Walk! Woo-hoo! ASU is not happy!

Golly, baseball and martini's isn't half bad. Still, I promise I will be back to my usual bubbling and obnoxious self soon. Maybe real soon if I have another triple Sapphire!

WOW!! Base hit and SCORE!! GO Huskers! 5-4 ASU now. I think I'll go pour some Schnapps and Balsamic vinegar into my fruit salad.

Damn. Double play. I better keep watching. I'll add some links later. I added tons of links to yesterday's entry and they all poofed. I don't think Blogger likes to add more than one link at a time and it surely doesn't seem to like blank target links. Maybe I should quit doing this stuff in HTML. Phhhhhhllllllllbbbbbbbbt.

OMG!!!! Home Run!!! Nebraska is gonna win this puppy!! AWESOME GAME! Oh, yes! There's a guy in a corn hat. I want a corn hat. Corn hats are hot. Well, after we beat them, I want a corn hat. Then corn hats will be hot. :::grin::: 7-5, Nebraska! One out. Better go make another toonie. Another HIT! What a 9th inning rally! :::hick::: Great Game. Now ASU is up, bottom of the 9th and all hayell is breaking loose. I hope DH is watching from the cocktail lounge at Universal. :::glare::: Just remember Sweetie, my toonies are better than your toonies. My food is better than your food. Go watch the game.

Don't call, me. I'll call you.