Thursday, June 23, 2005

Do or Die

I have butterflies. In about 10 minutes, my GATORS play ASU for the last position in the CWS playoff. If we win tonight, we play for the World Series championship. I'm nervous. I want them to have their Cinderella story. They are good kids. They are really young kids. I admire them all. You Go GATORS!

DH arrived home from Mouse Town, swooshed through the house stowing luggage and parcels, dropped a few gifties (I have a huge collection of jeweled picture frames, thankew!) as well as a king-sized shrimp dinner and some smoked seafood dip for me and promptly headed out the door for the annual Summer GATOR Booster's cook out at The Whitehurst Ranch. All of his buds were going together and they'll be eating boiled peanuts, corn on the cob, BBQ pork, beef and chicken, and plenty of fine Southern veggies including Swamp Cabbage (known as Hearts of Palm in uppity places). The ladies always prepare a load of homecooked desserts and there is a fine and generous bar, a big raffle and dancing. The Fighting Gator Touchdown Club has this cookout twice a year, June and October. I like to attend in October as I am not big on the heat in June. Still, the Whitehurst Ranch is a glorious setting and at sunset, is one of the most beautiful places you could ever wish to be. I hope someone has planned a satellite uplink so the guys can watch the Game in Omaha. If not, all of our fellas took their "rude phones" so they can listen on their walkman radios if needed. I imagine if there isn't a picture, they will have the sound broadcast over the 40 odd acres of the party! Enough sports.

The best blog lines I read this week are

From Fussy:
"It's Father's Day and the entire neighborhood smells like bacon."

And referencing spaghetti dinners from Kiss My Bitter Ass:
"How can you go through your whole life and not know the difference between balls and sausage?"

Well, a huge platter of fried Gulf shrimp, French fries, hush puppies and slaw is calling my name. Time to settle in and cheer on my GATORS. Y'all have a fine evening. By tomorrow, I should be in a better mood. I'm planning on serving up some dish to DH later tonight that he cannot resist.

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