Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kanga Me Down

We have returned unscathed.

The Lubricator arrived home a bit early this afternoon so we could go Christmas shopping. We braved the traffic and battled the crowds. It wasn't pretty.

We lasted exactly three hours before we decided we must have sustenance in the form of expertly prepared seafood and martini's. Unfortunately, our fave restaurant was packed three deep at the bar and had no tables in the dining room so we gave up and headed for the liquor store where we gave our Kentucky friend, Evan Williams, a ride home. As we whipped through the liquor store finding Evan, The Lube grabbed a bottle of Sparkletini and some Shiraz Jackaroo while I dialed the world's highest volume Domino's for Twofer Tuesday Pizza.

At this moment, I am drinking Aussie Jackaroo, snacking on pepperoni, mushroom and sweet pepper pizza and watching "Dog, The Bounty Hunter" on A&E. If the damned phone would stop ringing off the hook, I would be very contented since I have almost all of my stocking's stuffed.


I love wines from Oz. The vineyard names and labels are always clever and I have never met a bottle that I didn't wish lasted longer. Try buying some Australian wine. The reds are especially rich and ballsy.


Lisa said...

I really enjoy Yellowtail Shiraz, myself.

Flaurella said...

Lisa, I like Yellowtail, too. YUM!

Glad you dropped by.

A tip o'the glass from me...

jackie said...

austrailian reds are the hippie's and my favorite! we love wynne's coonawaara shraz-cab blend and the four sisters shiraz as well. and ANYTHING from wolf blass is divine. and oh that penfolds cab-merlot blend... i could go on for days. the yellowtail is a bit bite-y for me. anyway--i am going to shut up now before the babbling mode overcomes me. :)

Flaurella said...

We will have to look for some Wolf Blass. I don't think we have ever tried that label but I bet it is delish. Cheers!

jk said...

Princess or are you Queen Flaurella?,
One of my son's friends brought Yellowtail for Thanksgiving - love it! Belated Birthday wishes to you - I have so many friends with December birhtdays what's up with that?