Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hell's Bells

I took the afternoon off to see RENT. I hate to admit what a sorry, soggy mess I was the last hour of that musical/film. It was so formulaic that I was embarrassed to be so moved. Trying not to sob out loud is far more difficult and exhausting than just going ahead and crying. Misery loves company. DD and I just love musicals and our men are glad that they don't have to attend them with us.

My Darlin' Daughter (DD) took me out for drinks at the Brownstone afterwards. The traffic across town was brutal and my eyes were still red-rimmed and puffy upon arrival. After three Long Island Iced Tea's, I felt just a bit better until I arrived home to a hungry Beastie Boy and W4D, (What's 4 Dinner?), whom I might add, already knew the answer to his constant question since I had left him a note. After I had a couple of up and dirty vodka martini's to soothe the traffic trauma of the day, I made boneless filets of lemon chicken breast with cheese sauce on plain boring white rice with sauteed fresh zukes and red peppers. It was very tasty and plenty colorful, if not a full course meal. Whatever. Sometimes, the manly man must suffer when the wiffey goes out to play.

Does anyone have a straight husband who likes to attend or view musicals?? No? I am considering searching for such a man-beast. If I could find one who might consider driving me to and from musicals during rush hour as well as shaking my toonies upon arrival at home, I might stay out of the bars.

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