Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas in the Kitchen

About 7:30 PM last night, I thought I heard a little tap on the door. The Lubricator went to see about it and called to me to come to the front of the house. I'm glad I didn't holler out WTF like usual when he called me for it was the church carolers, here to sing for us.

When DD was living at home, she always caroled with the church so I knew when to expect them. Not so this year. The weather was awful all weekend so I was surprised to see them loaded onto the hay truck in the rain but in fine spirits.

I have a friend who raises Clydesdale horses, you know, the Budweiser horses. Some years ago, we took a huge draft wagon full of friends, pulled by a hitch of two giant Clydesdales and went caroling for hours. It was quite cold but we were in good voice and high spirits, just not exactly the same kind as the church carolers.

During this week before Christmas, Flaurella is going to be brief on words and long on pictures. I'll at least try to make time to post photos of something seasonal every day.

Here are some pictures taken in the kitchen. The kitchen tree is decorated with all wooden figures and toys, red feather birds, plaid ribbon, American flags and red tulle. It sits on an old oak Hoosier cabinet by the back porch window and it hasn't quit raining here in weeks (well, it seems like weeks) so things look a bit gloomy.

Father Christmas

The Kitchen Tree


Little Nutcracker Ornament

Little Dude


Sanne said...

I look forward to seeing the photos! ;)


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