Wednesday, December 21, 2005

3 Days Until Christmas

Lots of new photos added this evening on this shortest day (light) of the year. Winter has officially begun this afternoon and it is plenty cold here in North Florida where we are expecting a freeze tonight with lows in the 20's. Nope, this isn't yer touristy, bikini-all-year-long South Beach, thankew verra mush!

Click right here to view the Christmas slide show of pictures I've taken this week. Check out the sky here at dusk. Deep, deep blue and so peaceful.

Tomorrow, the days start getting longer again. Thank goodness! This gal needs a lot of daylight and sunshine. I'm off to wrap presents and have a religious experience with a little Kentucky bourbon. W4D can hand me pieces of tape and keep my glass full for I am bound and determined to start and finish all the gift wrapping tonight.

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