Thursday, December 22, 2005

Alas! Woe is Me!

Oh, dear.

The Flaurella, she is too, too tired to blog. She is so exhausted that she cannot type without beaucoup errors that make it not worth reading to the legions of crack addicts who visit the Flaurella for their daily fix. Forgive the kindly and gentle Flaurella, if you please. She will return tomorrow or sometime soon with more holiday photos.

In the meantime, Sparkle On!
2 days Until Christmas!!


jk said...

Guess we'll just have to smoke our crack and read the newspaper instead - not nearly as enjoyable! Sincere Best Wishes for a wonderful Christmas to all the family!!

Flaurella said...

Merry Christmas, All Y'all Crackheads!

Thank you for reading Flaurella. Have a wonderful holiday!

Merry, Merry!

Sanne said...

How can you do this to us!?!?!

the addicted Dane

Gavin said...

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