Monday, December 05, 2005

Santa Dog

No matter what you think after seeing these pictures, I swear we are not the type of people who routinely take our dog to have pictures made professionally. But, this is our beastie's 16th and probably final Christmas and we were at an Open House gathering celebrating our vet's new, state of the art building and they were making complimentary Santa pictures with all the pets in attendance at the party.

Every family or person brought at least one pet and in addition to the live music and BBQ and treats for the animals and their humans, there was a lot of good natured sniffing and posturing going on. The dogs and the cats enjoyed sniffing each other, too.

Most of the critters had their photo's taken for the holiday. We'll get the professional one later but here are a couple that I snapped while they were getting The Bubba posed for his portrait with Santa.

Santa lap dog

Santa dog

19 Days until Christmas!

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