Thursday, December 01, 2005


Conversation overheard between a middle aged man and woman in the garden department of a popular chain store...

Man: "Hey, look at this nice statue."

I was standing within earshot so I turned and sneaked a peek. Curiosity, the cat and all that.

Woman: Tilts head at garden statue of mermaid, " Why would we want that?"

Man: "It would go really good with that statue :::mumbled::: has."

Woman: "Which statue?"

Man: "That naked statue with the bare boobs and the blanket."

Woman: Looks puzzled, "I don't know what you mean."

Man: "You know, the Vino Ga-Myla."

I can see the lady thinking. Her brow is furrowed.

Woman: "You mean the Venus de Milo?"

Man: "Yeah, that's it."

Woman: "That's not the Venus de Milo, that's just a statue of a partially naked woman."

Man: "Oh. (pause) Well, this would still look good with it."

Woman: "You want to buy this for them for Christmas?"

Man: "No, I was just thinking."

The Vino Ga Myla? I burst out laughing and they looked at me like I was insane.

I really shouldn't eavesdrop.


Anonymous said...

No, you really SHOULD! HAHAHA!

annie p

Dan McCurdy said...

The old pooper jus' wanted to see some more nekkid wimmen, Flau...the wife, Miss Erudite, missed the intent entirely...Dano