Friday, December 09, 2005

La Bonne Vie

My birthday weekend has arrived and life is good.

On the political front, a compromise has been reached on our town construction moratorium. My Mata Hari persuasion mission may have succeeded or maybe it had something to do with a packed house at the council meeting last night. I can watch all the action from the comfort of my veranda and that was the largest turn-out I have ever seen for a meeting, especially since it was a blustery and rainy night during the holiday season. The Civic Center was packed and the meeting lasted three and a half hours. I didn't ask any details yet but apparently both sides were mollified. As predicted, two for, two against and one vote to tilt the table. I hope this means an end to the constant phone calls and stress. It also means that W4D doesn't have to move into the guest room.

Looking forward to a formal dance and supper party tomorrow. To get in the mood, I am wearing one of my tiaras today. Every gal should own at least one tiara. They surely do help one get past birthdays. So do flowers! And I just received a gorgeous bouquet from my friend Kathleen, in Arkansas. Thank you, Sweets, I love them! You made my day bright.

beautiful birthday flowers

birthday flowers

The Lubricator is good about keeping me in fresh flowers, too. I know he will arrive bearing gifts and flowers and special treats tonight. This birthday weekend is getting off to a fine start and we'll celebrate for at least three days.

I always miss my mother but especially on my birthday. When she was expecting me, her first, my parents lived in Dania Beach, Florida, just south of Ft. Lauderdale. At the time, Dania was a little country town of a few hundred people.The Everglades came all the way east of where the interstate is now. Dixie Highway (1A) was a two lane road that ran along side the railroad and there wasn't much west of Dixie except cows, horses and alligators.

There was one doctor who treated people and sometimes, the local livestock. His name was T. Slye Gatewood and as Mother's time got closer, she worried about having a "horse doctor" deliver her baby. The first week of December, she talked Daddy into taking her north to her mother's house where her family doctor, could deliver her baby instead of old T. Slye. The family doctor was Dr. Hyde and as far as I know, there was no Dr. Jekyll. Anyway, there came a very heavy snow the day I was born. I have a photo of that day and there is two feet of fresh snow on the ground. I've always thought that must be why I am so fascinated with the white stuff. I always wish for snow on my birthday and it never happens. Instead, I get flowers and jewels and champagne and parties and hugs and fun. Yep. Life is good.


Sanne said...

And I forgot your birthday! :(
I know it is either the 11th or the 12th and I would have written to you, but alas - forgot.
I am SO sorry!
I sounds like you had a great day and you are still celebrating.
Did you get any jewellery? ;)

lots of Danish e-hugs
and best birthday wishes

Flaurella said...

You didn't miss it for I am still celebrating! In fact, going out for a birthday dinner tonight. If I celebrate one day for each year, it makes winter go by faster. LOL

I didn't get a single piece of jewelry this year. I wonder why? ha!!

Thank you for your good wishes all the way from Denmark.

Emil said...

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