Thursday, December 08, 2005

Strange Bedfellows

I do not attend our town meetings and I refuse to discuss town politics with my friends and neighbors but I am not above trying to sway the opinions and vote of my town councilman. W4D and I are not in agreement on a building moratorium that comes up for a second and perhaps final reading this evening. I have been working on him for a week. I tried reasoning. I tried citing examples. I offered some well-thought, feasible compromises that he might present to the Town. I pleaded and cajoled. I ranted and threw a tizzy or two. I even cooked his fave Italian foods as a form of bribery. He listened but I have a feeling that he didn't budge so last night in the final hour, I pulled out the big guns. I took my councilman upstairs and did my Mata Hari routine.

We'll see if that worked later this eve. If it didn't, the Councilman may not be gettting any favors from me for quite some time. I am thinking of creating my own moratorium and I'll be sure to remind him of that right before he leaves for his meeting tonight.


jackie said...

um--i think that MAY count as cheating. it there's really any cheating in politics, that is... :)

Flaurella said...

All is fair in love and war, Jackie. And, all politicians can be influenced. Instead of thinking of me as the Mata or Blaze Star of this little burg, think of me as a Lobbyist. ha!