Monday, December 12, 2005

Dodging Bullets

I survived another birthday. I plan to continue celebrating this week and maybe next as well. Face time is pretty scarce in my household lately. It seems W4D is either out of town or towned out.

As a perfect example of small town politics gone awry, there is yet another council meeting tonight. That makes 2 per week since November 2nd. The Council usually only meets once per month. I guess they are giddy with power and can't stop taking meetings. Maybe all that hot air that's blowing around will bring us a warmer winter and help lower the heating bills.

I overheard W4D on the phone over the weekend, "I got through another council meeting without anyone shooting at me."

Well, you sure are giving them plenty of chances. Knock off the stupid meetings. It's the friggin' Holiday Season. I know of 5 spouses and one significant other who are getting damned sick and tired of eating dinner alone. Best pick up a burger or something on your way home because I am not going to rush to try to serve dinner at 6:00, nor am I going to wait until 10:30 p.m. to eat. Dinner is at 7:30 unless it is the first Thursday of the month. Period.

I can't imagine how this town got along for 125 years without all these meetings. There are only 12 days until Christmas but there are 1421 days until I am no longer married to a Town Councilman.

Two Million, Forty Six Thousand, Two Hundred Minutes of dodging bullets to go. (I'll stop making references to this song only after I see the film.)

And, just because I like them and think they are pretty, here are some Nandina berries from my yard.
They remind me of tiny oranges.


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to you! Pretty picture. The berries do look a bit like tiny oranges.

jackie said...

maybe you and the other spouses/SOs should start having dinner together and let all your councilmen order in pizza for their meetings. :)

happy late birthday, by the way! so glad it was a good one. come on by and we will celebrate all over again with martinis galore!

Flaurella said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Ladies. I truly believe we should celebrate one day for each year of age. Cheers!

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