Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oiled and Lubed

Sometimes people write and ask me if W4D is the same person as The Lubricator. Yes, they are one and the same, both nicknames for my DH. In the early 1990's, when I first started calling my husband "DH," he thought DH was an abbreviation for Dick Head. I didn't bother to correct him for years. When I finally confessed that it meant Dear Husband, he was pleased.

Some years ago, when I became irritated with DH calling me every afternoon and asking, "What's For Dinner," I changed his nick to W4D. If you don't know how W4D became The Lube, click here and read the original post.

Portabella mushrooms are $1.50 a pound this week so I've been pigging out, eating them every night. Portabellas taste like steak - so rich! This morning, it occurred to me that a portabella omelet would be delish so for brunch, I made huge omelets stuffed with those beefy 'shrooms, Romano and parmesan cheeses. A few slices of tomato with olive oil and a sprinkling of capers... Yummy! W4D is bringing home Chinese food tonight or I would seriously consider making another omelet for supper.

portabella omlette 2
Portabella Omelet for Brunch


Kim said...

ahhhKKKK! Now I'm starving.

jackie said...

love the spring mushroom season! we have been grilling the portabella lovelies with chili oil and rosemary--so GOOD! my next mushroom thing is going to be getting over my fear of the morels--they are NEVER cheap, but i am determined not to let that stop me this spring!

Flaurella said...

Tell those younguns you need an omelet to go with your Darvocet.

Hope you are feeling better.

Flaurella said...

Do you make your own infused oil using chili peppers? Do I just brush whole portabellas the size of hamburgers with the spicy olive oil and grill them, sprinkling on some fresh rosemary? Please share. Sounds delish.

There is a restaurant in the TN mountains that serves a wonderful portabella burger. Meatless and so yummy, I'd eat it every day if I could.

I haven't cooked much with morels. I'd love a recipe.

jackie said...

flaurella, i have this lovely bottle of avacado infused with chili oil that a friend of a friend imports from new zealand--it's just wonderful. so what i do is rub the mushrooms with a little plain olive oil, sprinkle on some of the chili oil, and then add a mix of dried spices and black pepper. the spice mix is primarily rosemary, but also has some garlic and a little bit of thyme in it--it's one of those things that's meant to be added to olive oil for dipping bread, but we like it better for grilling. if you like--i will see if i can get another bottle of this oil and send it to you. (no promises, but i will see!) if you want one, email me your addy off-blog. :)

and no worries--i will be jhappy to share a morel mushroom recipe as soon as i find one myself--bon appetit actually has some promising looking candidates this month.

Flaurella said...

Thanks, Jackie!

I emailed you as a reply to the blog. LMK if you didn't get it.

flaurella at alltel dot net