Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I've had enough.

Corned Beef Overload

We've eaten corned beef and cabbage twice this week and I still have enough for a third dinner. I can't eat it again tonight so I had W4D bring home pizza. I'll make a big salad with EVOO, balsamic and feta. We can nosh on pizza, feel healthy eating the salad, and get buzzed on all the leftover beer in the fridge.

I am not much of a beer drinker and there's a reason I only make corned beef and cabbage once a year. Oh, I like it just fine but I think it must have 20 gazillion calories and enough of those calories from fat to nourish a small Eskimo village for a year. And, I am really good about trimming up the meat. After I fully cook it the normal way, I glaze the meat and broil it, cooking it a second time to render it even more. (Do people not in the South know what render means? Someone, please let me know.) Plus, I slice corned beef as thin as paper with the electric knife.

Anyway, how can one corned beef dinner go on and on forever? I don't like to freeze the cabbage and taters and carrots so I'll have to serve it again by tomorrow. Or, maybe I can make a soup with the veggies and serve Rueben sandwiches. I have rye bread and Swiss cheese on hand. I can pick up some sauerkraut and make Thousand Island dressing at home. Yep, that's the ticket! Ruebens and soup!

Suddenly, I feel thinner.


Anonymous said...

EVOO? Uh oh, I think you been watching Rachael Ray ....

annie p

Flaurella said...

Yes, I try to catch Rachel on the weekend and I like her shortcut acronym but I have been cooking every day with EVOO for more years than she has been born. ha!

The only TV chefs we had when I was a new bride was dear Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet. Jeff Smith came later as did Jacque Pepin. Don't I wish we had the Food Channel when I was younger!

ChrisMoose said...

Yes,,, the Minnesota native knows what 'render' means.... I keep trying to render that tire around my waist with sauna.... no luck so far.....

Steena the fluffy moose who forwent (decided to forgo - past tense) corned beef this year

Flaurella said...

Once a year is about enough for me although, the Rueben sandwiches were so good that I think next year, I will just order a couple of those from the Deli and not go to all the trouble of corned beef and the works for just the two of us.