Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sweet Perfume

This morning as I opened the door to take The Bubba out for a walk, I was overwhelmed with the heady fragrance of orange blossoms. Wow! It's just barely March, the orange blossoms are early. I can honestly tell you that if you have never smelled the intoxicating fragrance of orange blossoms, you have been deprived of one ot the best aromas on earth. Nothing smells sweeter.

Orange Blossoms
Taken in my back yard.

Orange Blossoms
Florida orange blossoms smell heavenly!


Kim said...

Oh! I'd love to know that fragrance! I've never experienced it myself, but hope to one day!

debbiecakes said...

Shut up. I live in Cleveland. I don't wanna hear about it...


A grumpy, cold Clevelander

Flaurella said...

Dear Kim and DebbieCakes,

I am trying to feel sorry for both of you but you have fragrant lilacs up there. We don't have lilacs down here. Perhaps we can arrange a swap. I'll send you boxes of orange blossoms in spring and y'all send me boxes of lilacs in summer. :))

Did you know that down here, we say LYE-lax, instead of Lie-Lox?

Anyway, come down and smell the orange blossoms (!) even though it is hard to feel compassion for someone who just got back from Hawaii and a honeymoon or who's sweet name is Debbiecakes. Debbie, have you ever eaten a "Little Debbie" cake or are they just a southern thing?? I could ship you a couple of cases of Little Debbie Cakes. :))

Joel said...

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