Monday, March 13, 2006

How Thoughtful

Before he leaves for work, The Lubricator almost always leaves me a little gift.

Every morning, I find a small mint treat stuck on the downstairs bathroom sink. Every fricken day I have to rub off that little blob of toothpaste and scour the sink because my DH does some weird thing with his toothbrush near the left side of the tap that leaves a little chunk of toothpaste stuck there. You'd think he'd see it since he often uses a bright blue gel toothpaste but no, he always leaves this precious little offering for me.

From this day forward, I am going to carefully scrape off each little toothpaste glob that is always in the same spot on the sink and dry them all, preserving their minty goodness. I will keep each daily toothpaste pastille in an Altoids tin and give them to The Lube for his birthday.

It's the thought that counts.

spring blooms: Spirea
Minty Fresh Spring Bloom from Flaurella's Garden


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Laurel LOL thanks for the chuckle I needed it! I would like to see a picture of this gift from the heart when you have it filled...or maybe not LOL

Flaurella said...

Flaurella does not know who this Laurel person is but she wonders if maybe some of the keys on your keyboard are not working correctly since Laurel is but a little part of the Flaurella. :))

Still, so happy you dropped by and that the home made mints made you smile. If they are not too gross, Flaurella will take a photo to share.

jk said...

A friend divorced her husband over toothpaste "leavings" left on the bathroom mirror! - Unrelated, but another friends husband divorced her for not refilling the ice cube trays...

Flaurella said...

I don't blame your friend at all. I had that problem with W4D when we first started using an electric toothbrush. I had to keep telling him to put it IN his mouth BEFORE he turned it on.

The second lady must have rather had the divorce than a fridge with an in-the-door icemaker. ha!