Monday, March 06, 2006

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your encouragement. I may not have lots of regular readers but you are the best. Yes, I have imposed certain restrictions on myself since I have business clients who may read this blog. The Lubricator's agency co-workers have been known to read and then there's the whole political thing. I would really love to write about what I think about our town politics but I won't do that to the Right Honorable W4D. He already has to dodge bullets and I don't want to add to the fray.

I like this blog and I plan to keep it. I've proven what I needed to myself and am abandoning my self-imposed commitment of having to write every day. It will be more enjoyable to write whenever I feel like it -- maybe even post on weekends if I'm in the mood. Sometimes, I'll just post a photo since I really like taking pictures. Flaurella will still be here, I'll just be less structured about it. I'm way too Type A for my own good anyway, so that's that. If my evil twin wants to exercise her First Amendment Rights, she can get her own effin' blog.

"It's Hard Out There for a Pimp?" How hard can it be? I haven't seen the film (Hustle & Flow) and I never heard the song until the Academy Awards Show last night. I don't much like rap or hip hop or whatever that was and I couldn't understand a single word of the acceptance speeches. I don't understand why that song would be anything to celebrate. I guess I am just hopelessly white and old. Feh. Here's an interesting point of view.

It's a glorious spring day here in North Florida with the scent of orange blossoms on the air. The sky is crystal clear, brilliant blue and there are tender green leaves, buds and blooms everywhere.

Green Leaves
Ah, the glories of spring!


jk said...

I love the pics you post, your wit & amazing sense of humor...I'm a Flaurella Groupie, a Flaurella Blog Addict(FBA), I'm hooked....
another spring quote for you "Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring?"~Neltje Blanchan

Flaurella said...

Thank you, jk. You are too kind. I should introduce you to Annie P. She tells me I am her "daily crack." ROTFL. Now I have two FBA's! Woo Hoo!

Ole Nellie Blanchan had a way with words. I feel exactly the same way.

Thank you. :))

Flaurella said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Flaurella and jk, yes, I love the almost daily Flaurella crack. I suppose it will become more of a high, I, er, mean, TREAT when I no longer have the Monday thru Friday fix, I, uh, mean, JOY of reading my beloved Flaurella. I will only know that explosion of feeling when I click in and see if I have a new post to smoke, I, er, uh, mean, READ! Cheers to you Flaurella and THANK YOU!

FBA annie p.