Wednesday, March 22, 2006


15 minutes ago:

I'm in the kitchen looking for the stuff I need to make Reuben Sandwiches tonight. What I thought was Swiss cheese stored in the cheese tupper is really cheddar cheese so I dial up W4D to ask him to pick up some Swiss on his way home and to also remind him not to forget sour kraut. He's already in transit and about to pull into the market. While I have him on the phone, I also suggest he see if they have any nice shrimp. I can't go more than a week without some shrimp and I plan to make Frogmore Stew tomorrow or the next day.

Now W4D is not real good about remembering things without writing them down so I give him little shortcuts, little memory acronyms and such. I asked him to repeat back to me what I wanted him to pick up at the market. He immediately remembered the sour kraut and shrimp but already, the Swiss cheese had slipped his mind so I said, "Just remember 3 S's. Sour kraut, Swiss and Shrimp, S. S. S."

"Okay" said W4D. "S.S.S. but don't you want any W?"

"What's W?" I queried.


"Sure." I'd prefer Shiraz if they have any." I never turn down wine.

"See you in half an hour. S.S.S.W," said W4D, as he hung up.

I can't help but wonder what the checkout gal at the grocery will think we are having for supper when she rings up the order.

Morning Sunshine
7:00 AM This Morning: Sunlight on the Spanish Moss


jackie said...

i had an AWFULLY similar conversation to this one with my hippie last night. men seem to have trouble soaking in this kind of information--what IS that???

Flaurella said...

I hear you! Ask W4D how many points the Gators scored during football season in 1996 and he will remember but he cannot remember a three item grocery list from the time he gets out of the car until he walks 50 feet into the market. It's genetic. Men to not have the grocery list retention gene.

Piers said...

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