Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Little Flat

The Lube and I were watching American Idol last night and Kellie Pickler, "the little minx," was singing.

I remarked, "She's a little flat."

"I don't think so."

"Yep, she's flat."

"She's not flat."

"You are tone deaf. How would you know if she's flat?"

"She's just fine."

"I'm not talking about her boobs, you eejit."

"Oh. I knew that."

A special note to The Lubricator:
Beware the Ides of March.
Speak up now or commit to another year.

Azaleas spilling over the deck rail.
More spring blossoms tomorrow.


W4D said...

Yes my little Caesar, another year for sure. You know that Caesar had planned to leave Rome before that fateful day a long time ago but Marcus Brutus had other plans. And remember that Brutus's mother was one of Caesar's lovers. weg
The plot thickens.

'The Ides changed everything.'"

XOXOXOXO W4D till next year

Flaurella said...

Wait, I thought you were Little Caesar...

Gotta dash. My asp is hissing.

jk said...

what about Kevin:
"Parth time loverth....dodupdowahwah..."
I wasn't sure how to write with a lispth....
I'm not sure about all that ides of march stuff and doesn't Little Caesar make pizza?

Flaurella said...

You writhe thwell withhh a lithhhp. :))

W4D and I have a little promise we make to each other every Ides O'March which keeps us from well, that's a secret.