Friday, March 10, 2006

Talking Turkey

Wild Turkeys
These wild turkeys were down the country road past the west end of town earlier this week and I took their picture. If you know wild turkeys, you know they are skittish so I couldn't get very close. I did my turkey call a couple of times from the window of the car but that didn't bring them running in my direction. Perhaps they were scared of the vehicle or our dog or my very robust gobble. Most likely, Tom Turkey (the one with the fan tail) already had more hens than he could handle. The Lubricator was shocked to hear me cut loose with a very realistic turkey call. Even after all these years, it's good to keep a few secrets from your spouse, like your amazing ability to mimic a gobbler. Besides, calling turkeys is not one of W4D's talents and he now stands in awe of my astounding mimicry.
Wild Turkey Manhattan
This is the kind of Wild Turkey I am looking at this afternoon. A Wild Turkey Manhattan goes down mighty smooth at the end of the work week but be careful, a couple of these will put your lights out. (Yes, I was little heavy-handed on the cherry juice.)

Make one for yourself...
3 count of Wild Turkey Bourbon
Scant 2 count of Sweet Vermouth
Dash of Bitters
A little splash of cherry juice
Stir well with cracked ice and strain into chilled martini glass.
Garnish by dropping in a maraschino cherry.
Sip and smile.

Time to go make another shaker of Manhattans. I bet most New Yorkers can't go out and call to the wild turkeys. Poor city folks....


Kim said...

lol, I love how nature inspires you.

Anonymous said...

I, too, stand in awe ...

annie p

Flaurella said...

Yes, Kim and Annie,
At heart, I'm just a country gal with a love of nature who likes to call the turkeys, especially the Wild Turkey.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you snatched that recipe from me! Especially the part about "too much cherry juice". Dead give away my friend. Just kidding my darling! Yum, now I'm going to make my DH buy all the mixin's for my most FAV mixed drink of all.

Love ya babe,

The Head Head hunter from Nudo Lane
PS~ Too much cherry juice is the key to a great Manhattan.