Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pesche Dolci

It's been a great year for Georgia peaches. They have been extra sweet and juicy. The very essence of summer flavor is a fresh peach.

The first summer peaches

I had planned to grill this last batch but when I cut into one, it was so perfect, so sweet that I ate it on the spot and couldn't bear to use them in any recipe. Well, I did enjoy a few slices in red wine the last couple of evenings (as is the Italian custom), but cook with them? No way. Not late summer peaches.

Peach Pit
Juicy late summer Georgia peach

This summer, I started saving the little packing label stickers that come on individual pieces of fruit and produce. I stuck them onto the tiles behind the sink. I realized this was a problem when I could no longer clean the tiles without ruining the stickers so I had to scrape them off and start over. I started sticking them on the inside of the coffee cupboard. Does everyone have a cupboard where you keep the coffees and the filters and about a zillion coffee cups even though you almost always use only the same two mugs? Anyway, the coffee cupboard isn't a good spot for my fruit stickers. I need to find something I can cover with little produce stamps. A picture frame? A recipe box? Something unique. If you have any ideas, let me know.

The best peaches I've had this year were from Lane Packing Company in Fort Valley, GA. Check out their web site for some pretty pix of peach blossoms and fruit. The end of peach season is the only sad thing about the end of summer. I will not miss summer but I will surely miss Georgia peaches.


Maggie said...

Just discovered your blog, I'm in Central florida. Great shot so vibrant.

Flaurella said...

And, it tasted just as vibrant as it looked! I miss Georgia peaches already so am consoling myself with apples.

Will summer ever end??


Daniel said...

Here, I do not actually imagine it may work.
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