Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Horror!

Yes, W4D is somewhat spoiled. He does eat well. And, he always compliments me on whatever I serve him for dinner. He wasn't wild about the vodka sauce from a jar but he did praise the fact that I put a meal before him in my post-dental drug haze. Usually, he brings home "go food" after I have been to the dentist. He asked the night before what I wanted and I told him nothing since I wanted to drop by the new market that opened this week. The Lubricator also always does the dishes. I don't clear tables or wash dishes, or scrape broiling pans, or break my nails scrubbing pots. I just cook. I do the fun part. W4D does the clean-up. I like it that way.

I enjoy all the emails you folks send. It appears that my DH, The Lubricator, and food are the most popular subjects. Hmmm. Come to think about it, that's what I write about mostly anyway so that makes sense. I did want to thank you all for the encouraging notes and kind emails you send. I try to answer each one. For those that don't have my email address, you can email me at "flaurella at alltel dot net." You will need to write it like a real email address since I can't write it out the normal way or the Spammers will bombard me.

OMG!!! As I was writing this, I was eating a BLT sandwich. My #5 pre-molar just cracked right in half. I, of course, totally FREAKED OUT. I jumped up, broke into a cold sweat and had to sit down again quickly before I passed out. I called DH who offered to come home. Sweet of him, but what can he do? Then, I called my regular dentist's office and asked them to see if I have had a root canal on number five. Nope, just a filling. I have asked my dentist, (Robin is the greatest dentist in the whole world) to call me when she gets a spare moment. She can always calm me down. So far, it doesn't hurt and aside from being nauseated from fear and having an anxiety attack, I am doing okay. :::shudder::: Don't even suggest I look in my mouth with a mirror. I can't bear the thought. Besides, I have half a tooth lying here on my desk and that is gruesome enough.

I have to go out for events the next three days and nights so I'll have to learn to keep my mouth shut until I can get a temp crown. Plus, my dentist is closed on Fridays so that means I have to wait until at least Monday. The wedding is not this weekend but next weekend. Whaaaaaa. It sucks getting old and having your teeth crumble. I can't believe I will have to go through more dental trauma so soon. (at least it doesn't hurt, at least it doesn't hurt, take a deep breath, at least it doesn't hurt)

Furthermore, I didn't get to finish my BLT. That was a treat that I had been wanting for weeks. I guess it is gonna be a tepid liquid diet for me for the next few days. Room temp coffee. Lukewarm soup. Stirred, not shaken, martini's with a straw. Bourbon neat. Woe is me.

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