Thursday, September 22, 2005

Amphibian Assault

Finally! Today is the first day of autumn. Fall is my favorite season even though it won't feel at all like fall here for at least another two to four weeks. We have rain today as Hurricane Rita sucks up all the tropical moisture and pulls it across the Gulf. I'm tired of hurricane worries and summer heat. I want cool breezes and low humidity. I long to be able to bake a pie or cook a roast in the oven. I want fried apples, roasted parsnips and pumpkin pie. In the meantime, we are suffering, still eating summery foods.

Crab and Shrimp

This morning I took a shower with a little frog about the size of a quarter. I was already wet when I noticed him so I decided just to finish my shower and then free him outside. He was fairly calm, staying put in the corner until I started shaving my legs and then he started jumping and hopping all over the shower stall. Perhaps he didn't like my shower gel. I was being careful for I didn't want to step on him. I didn't even mind when he started jumping all over the shower and bouncing on my legs but when he landed on my butt cheek, I squealed and dropped the razor.

The Actual Keister Culprit Croaker

After I took his photo, for which he refused to sit still for longer than a second, I tossed a hand towel on the little guy and released him outside. I wonder how he found his way into the shower? There are no open windows downstairs in this house. To get in the shower from outside, he would have to wait until a door was opened, hop in un-noticed, travel at least 40 feet, round a few corners and navigate three interior doors. He'd have to have the shower destination in mind and let himself in there. This leads me to believe that Froggie might have had an accomplice.

Revenge is mine, sayeth Flaurella.


Sanne said...

This reminds me of how me, my younger sister and brother collected small frogs in the woods when I was a kid. We went home with a large bucket full of frogs, placed the bucket outside and went in to eat lunch. Then my very fat beloved grandma came, she was very afraid of frogs (nots of spiders like me and my mom). When she was going to open the door she noticed all the small frogs in the bucket, screamed and jumped inside as quick as we had never seen her move before! I still smile when I think of it. :)

I still love her very much although she left this world 11 years ago, but she was naughty with those spiders, so this "revenge" was sweet.

We had a rule that it was OK to collect insect and small animals but we could only keep them for the day, then we had to let them out where we found them. Perhaps they had a mother waiting for them.

Now have a great weekend. Autumn has come to Denmark but it is lovely, quite hot for the season with sunshine.

lots of Danish e-hugs

Flaurella said...

I like frogs but I too, hate spiders. You wouldn't believe how large our wolf spiders are here in Florida. Very creepy!

Have a lovely autumn weekend. Have the leaves changed yet? We have color changes in our leaves here but it is usually the first week of December that is the most colorful. Check out today's "where I live" link to see our autumn color.

Lester said...

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