Wednesday, September 28, 2005

FOG and SMOG at Wedding

Michael and Lesli's wedding was celebrated over the weekend. It was a lovely and joyous occasion. We have a big, blended family and everyone gets along very well. I've tried for three days to think of an angle on it but there is none. There are not any silly or embarrassing stories to tell, no faux pas to relate.

W4D, my DH, is the FOG (Father of the Groom). That makes me the official SMOG (Step-Mother of the Groom). I've always liked W4D's first wife, the MOG. Also present was the former stepfather who has been a friend for too many years to count, plus his current and former spouses; the husband of the MOG, our daughter plus all the other adult children who all are brothers and sisters in one way or another. Add all the spouses and the intendeds of the offspring plus the grandkids and you have the somewhat complex, extended Family of the Groom. The FOB (Family of the Bride) took it all in stride and never let on if they were confused by who had been married to whom and in what order. A good time was had by all and everyone who is snuggled under the crazy quilt of our extended family is delighted with the marriage of the Michael and Lesli.

I am looking forward to the wedding photographer's pictures since my old digital camera doesn't do well with flash photography. I'm also not a good people photographer. I do better with jewels and food because brooches and brioche don't move or blink. While we wait on the real photographs, here is a blurry digital of the first kiss.

The Kiss
"You may kiss the Bride."

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