Thursday, September 29, 2005

Faded Guilt

I've been trying to stick to a high protein diet for several weeks. I have successfully cut down my protein portion to a piece of steak, fish or chicken no larger than the size of my palm. I have been eating plenty of salad and fresh veggies as usual but earlier this week, I ate some rice and then last night, a baked potato. I even put sour cream and butter it. Yum!

Steak Diet

I hate that I feel guilty for eating rice or a baked potato.

Have you discovered gypsy peppers in your local market? These colorful peppers are a new hybrid pepper that we have been buying for a couple of years. They turn from shades of yellow to orange to vibrant scarlet. The gypsies have no heat, a very thin skin, cook quickly and are much sweeter and smaller than bell peppers. I love the bright colors, the size and flavor of them. They have hardly any seeds and they last a really long time when freshly refrigerated.

To saute gypsy peppers, first rinse and dry them. Make sure there is no water on them or you will make the hot oil splatter. No need to slice them or cut off the tops - the tops make clever little handles when you eat them. Heat a skillet to medium high heat. Add a splash or two of good oil that has some flavor. I prefer high quality olive oil and always heat the pan before adding the oil. If you add oil to a hot pan, you will find that foods don't stick as easily. So, you've added the perfectly dry peppers. Now toss them around in that hot pan with the oil, searing them for 4 or 5 minutes. Remove them to a plate and season if you wish.

Since my diet is now kaput, I had grits for breakfast and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. I've been thinking of pasta all afternoon. The guilt of that potato last night is fading fast.

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jackie said...

i just started re-dieting again myself. the bad thing here is that the hippie arranged for us to take his parents to charleston RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT ALL. so you know what that means--i am good this week, but the weekend ahead will be all shrimp and grits and biscuits. oh well--life's a series of re-starts i guess. thinking good thoughts for your powers of resistance!

oh, and enjoying perusing your jewelry too--i was SO SAD that the ice blue snowflake brooch was already sold! :(