Friday, September 02, 2005


This has been a very long week and it is finally time for Gator Football. For all the anticipation, football season sneaked up on me.

Our Gator Quarterback made the cover of Sports Illustrated and we are all looking forward to our new coach and the new season. This is Gator Country!

SI - Cover 2005

I asked W4D how he thought our GATORS would do this season.

"Tennessee will be tough but we are going to win it all."

"Get real! Urban is a good coach but I think you are not being realistic."

"I am telling you, we are going to win the National Championship."

"You say the exact same thing every year."

"Well, this year it is going to happen. If you ain't a GATOR, then you are Gator Bait."

I admire his spirit but in the face of the disaster along the Gulf Coast this last week, football doesn't seem so important. I'm exhausted, drained, and wiped out and we didn't even have to deal with Katrina. The devastation and suffering is staggering. I have faith that Americans are going to help each other. There are local telethons all over Florida and the South raising money for the victims. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every able American gave one day's salary to help?

Red Cross Hurricane Disaster Relief
-- or --
Salvation Army Disaster Assistance

In the meantime, perhaps a little diversion will be a good thing.

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