Monday, September 05, 2005

Creamed Corn

Lawty! I love Florida NCAA football. Year after year my UF GATORS, the FSU Seminoles and the Miami Hurricanes play the BEST football in the USA. Oh sure, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, UCLA, and Ohio State (note: I did NOT mention Tennessee or Jawja ) and other umm... good teams come and go but we have bragging rights here in Florida. No other state has three terrific teams in the top 10 year after year after year. We Floridians love our NCAA football.

Some of the best college games in the whole country take place between our Florida teams. The interstate rivalry here is intense. It's not easy for me to root for FSU or Miami but I have a preference in the FSU vs. MIAMI game tonight -- may not happen but I am watching and I know this will be a great game, no matter the outcome.

Speaking of football, we have had Corn Huskers :::gasp::: move into our little town. Their cars all have huge red Nebraska Husker logos on them and as far as I know, no one has spoken to them yet. They bought right across the street from the post office so everyone knows they are from Nebraska. I think they would make new friends faster if they were not so blatant in their loyalties. It's okay to be a Husker - at least it is better than being a soccer fan or a hockey fan living in GATOR Country -- but it's not something I would broadcast to the whole population here; all 438 assorted Florida football fans who reside in the mighty metropolis of McIntosh, while trying to join the community. It's a better idea to let us get accustomed to alien loyalties slowly, after we meet you and decide you are good, kind but mis-informed, transplanted peeps. Regardless, welcome Nebraska fans to the heart of GATOR Country. Eventually, we will all take off our sunglasses and you will be able to see us glancing your way with somewhat tolerant smiles on our faces. After all, we know you like college football so that's half the battle right there.

Concerning intolerance, I read the most disturbing and infuriating religious explanatory article after Katrina collided with NOLA and have been fuming about it for days. The saddest part is that these morons really believe this shit.

READ THIS LINK if you want to get pissed off. (It's a long article but read it all if you can stomach it)

My Maker and I get along just fine but I can't help but wonder how some folks can be so small minded, such totally uneducated assholes, that they can read, support or author such total bullshit. I promised myself that I would not get into religion or politics in this blog but the above article so infuriated me that maybe others need to see what some people think is truth.

Back to football.... We had a rollicking good TailGATOR kick-off party at John and Barb's on Saturday afternoon. After the first Florida touchdown of the new season, DH presented me with a wonderful grinning GATOR ring made by bench jeweler, Paul Spivey of Calico Gator 2. Love my new GATOR ring! I can't believe W4D kept it a secret.

This week is comfort food week at my house. I just wish I could feed all the Gulf Coasters who need a good, comforting meal this week. We've sent our donations, putting our money where our mouths are - so to speak.


A good, home-cooked meal can make anyone feel better, at least for a while. Tonight, it is rainy and the first day in 54 straight days that it didn't get to or above 90 degrees here in North Central Florida. The comfort food Of The Day is Italian sausage, peppers and onion sandwiches. W4D bought poppy seed spolettes. Not my personal fave but they will do in a pinch.

Sausage Sandwich

Tonight, we are sort of tucked in, waiting to go back to work tomorrow. Our thoughts are with the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. All Americans are wishing you a speedy return to a life of normalcy. We grieve with you for your losses and we will help you regain your lives.

Here is a list of worthy organizations to which you can direct your generosity. Click here for a list of rules to follow before you open up your wallet. Please be generous.


Anonymous said...

Now Flau, play nice with those new Huskers. You know when you you move to a foreign land, you tend to cling to those things that give you comfort. Sadly, it's not at all clear that clinging to my Huskers will bring much comfort this year, unless you're a volleyball fan.


ChrisMoose said...

"Paganism Breeds Drunken Promiscuity" Cool! where do I sign up???? LOL Chris

ChrisMoose said...

Wow... the "real truth" people are nuts.... so, the more you sin, the worse the hurricane will be... hmmmmmm ...... I gotta get prepared for one killer of a tornado....